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My Animation Vault

All of the following videos were self animated and edited using Adobe After Effects.

Cooking Channel: 2017

A SCAD project created during my motion media course. This is a network ID displaying both a logo transition animation as well as a channel programing animation.

This Bar Saves Lives: 2018

This is a campaign I created for This Bar Saves Lives. I animated a brief case study video to explain my project in a simple and concise manner.

Marketwake SEO Recap: 2019

This video was created during my first year at Marketwake. The objective was to create a youtube video that could turn a dull subject into an engaging one.

Resupply Commercial: 2018

As the Art Director at Resupply, I was asked to create a 15 second video spot to showcase the company's offerings.

Valentine's Day: 2016

A fun video I created with some friends in the honor of Valentine's day. We storyboarded, filmed and edited this video.

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