Clearwave Inc.

Clearwave is a leading patient check-in system that helps hospitals and specialty practices reduce their patient check-in times. With over 50 EHR and PMS integrations, offices are able to improve point-of-service collections, get real-time insurance eligibility verification and a customizable experience through phone, table and kiosk.

As the manager and lead visual designer of this project, I worked with SEO analysts, project managers, copywriters and Clearwave customers to gather insights to define goals and create conversion. The client wanted the site to be easily scaleable as well as editable for their team. The timeline for the project was four months. I designed and built this site with the help of an intern and developer.

My Role

UI/UX Design

Brand Refresh

Site Mapping

Journey Mapping



Wordpress Build

Design QA






Charlie Vu (Design Intern)

Ruben Kalath (Developer)

Maggie Harney (Content Writer)

Ian Hatfield (SEO Analyst)

Allie Bitzer (Project Manager)

The Problem

Clearwave did not have a simple user journey which is crucial when it comes to a selling software to businesses. Many key pages were missing from the navigation and required too many clicks to find information. This made the website feel vast—as if there were an infinite number of pages which in turn overwhelm users. 


The overall goal is to convert prospects to request a demo by filling out a Pardot form. We needed to simplify the user journey and sell it as an all-in-one technology solution instead of separate solutions.

The site visitors should feel engaged, informed and clear on what the offer is. We also want the consider the scalability of their business by zeroing in on specialty practice SEO keywords implemented through very user journey specific pages.

Target Audience

Specific Specialty Practices

Physician Practices

Hospitals and Health Systems

Federally Qualified Health Centers

UX Analysis

We analyzed Clearwave's current user journey and recorded our results over a period of a 6 months before the start of the project. Here's what we found:



22% (1.4K) of the 1st time viewers navigate back to the homepage with 44% drop-off rate


Homepage (98k views)

Platform(4k views)

Clearwave Team (4k views)

Patient Check In Solutions (2.6k) Mobile Check In (2.5k views)


87% of their traffic goes directly to the Homepage with an 80% drop-off rate. There were 106K session in the past six months.


16% (2.2K) of the first time viewers navigate to the platform page with a 47% drop-off rate.

Behavior Flow



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