OnMi Patch

OnMi is tackling the toughest questions about vitamin patches: do they work, are they safe, and can everyone use them? You may be wondering, "what is a vitamin patch?", I thought the same thing! This project will teach you everything you need to know to staying effortlessly healthy and introduce you to the new age of vitamins.

As the Art Director of this project, I worked with the brand designer, developer, and social media manger to create a wholistic campaign consistent throughout all brand platforms. The timeline for the project was four months. I designed and built this site through Shopify and Shogun page builder plugin.

My Role

Art Direction

Campaign Strategy


Brand Tone & Voice




Shopify & Shogun


Mandy Cochran (Brand & Packaging)

Ruben Kalath (Developer)

Dana Sullivan (Content Writer)

Sydney Watts (Social Media)

OnMi Logo

The Clear Choice

OnMi has clear patches, clear ingredients, clear science and is always willing to clear the air on negative reviews. You could say they're the clear winner, but we like to say they're the clear choice.

Meet the Patches

Vitamin Patch
Healthy Weight Patch
Hangover Patch
Sleep Patch
Energy Patch

The Brand Execution

Consumers have a lot of options — but also a lot of questions. What works? What doesn't? Are the ingredients safe? Do they actually work? They need guidance, reassurance, and expertise to cut through that clutter. They need a clear choice.

We’ll position OnMi as the clear choice for wellness, relief, and support. By focusing on brand transparency, we can build trust, address concerns, and put any doubts to rest.

OnMi Patches: The clear choice for health and wellness. 

  • We're clearing the air:
    Post positive and negative reviews online and respond to them.

  • Clear up the science:
    Showcase transdermal technology in a simple/digestible manner

  • The clear winner:
    Utilize successful case studies (e.g. Energy patch & sports team win)

  • Clear ingredients:
    Hone in on specific patch ingredients. Opportunity to teach customers.

Asset 2-100.jpg

Overarching Website Strategy

When tackling the website, the goal was to make it as engaging as possible. We utilized hover states to give potential customers small easter eggs to keep scroll through rates and conversions high.

Website Hero Sample:

Animated by me 🙋🏻‍♀️

An overarching brand theme will be utilizing a background blur over images and gradients to create a "blurred to clear" effect. The animation will peel back the background blur similar to peeling the patch from the packaging to reveal a clear image. Hero animations will play on hover and will not be looped.


Product Hover States:

When hovering over a product, the main ingredients will appear behind the patch. Not only is this a subtle and pleasant surprise, it also prompts the potential customer to click the product. Give it a try!

Asset 2-100.jpg

Social & Paid Ad Strategy

A successful brand is much bigger than just the website. Take a look at how we expanded The Clear Choice into different media avenues to generate sales

Social Media Post Type

The goal for social media is to create as much engagement and brand awareness as possible. Instead of pushing products, we use a more human approach leaning into comedy and lightheartedness

Paid Media Post Type

With paid ads, we hone back into Clear Choice by bringing in more elements from the website in order to avoid disconnect from clicking on the ad to landing on the website. We also start focusing more on displaying the products.