The Creative Brief.

The Creative Brief.

FLOR® designs carpet tiles that blend beautiful design, smart functionality, and environmental responsibility into all the spaces people live—at home, in workspaces, and every place in between. They are looking to re-design their digital media strategy to create more brand awareness around their values in order to connect with their audience and customers. Success is measured in brand visibility, brand consideration and new business.

My Role

Art Direction


Video Editing



Dana Sullivan (Content Strategist)

Sydney Watts (Social Media Manager)


Adobe After Effects


Current Digital Strategy

FLOR® strives to let design lead in everything they do and you can see that reflected in their social media feed.

Initial Observation

  • Many shop product posts

  • Shows off their flooring paired with professionally designed spaces

  • Vibrant colors, but commercial

Competitive Landscape

Similar posts to their competitors @mohawkflooring and @shawfloors. A differentiator is that FLOR® does not have any graphic designed posts and is lacking in showing any people imagery.


Life happens on floors.

It’s easy to want to express your brand through a picture perfect lens, but people are craving humanity and relatability factors from big businesses. There’s a way to balance both.

Our Strategy

The ultimate goal is the humanize the brand. There are things in life that everybody can relate to and we want to utilize those experiences all while showing off professionally designed spaces.

We’re focusing in on the imperfections of living and how FLOR® can keep up with different lifestyles and grow with their life through durable flooring.

Competitive Landscape

  • Highlight life’s imperfections as well capturing heart warming moments.

  • Utilize video content

  • Lean away from pushing products and focus on telling a story. Let the products do the talking.

Social Video Post Samples


With FLOR, there’s no crying over spilled milk (or anything else for that matter). Our easy-to-clean, easy-to-replace carpet tiles help you embrace your space—and the messes within it.


Is your current carpet rubbing you the wrong way? It’s time to create a space that looks as good as you feel with FLOR.🖤


Your own personal dance floor awaits.💃 Go ahead, get your groove on with FLOR. 

Social Video Static Samples



"I can't go out. *cough cough*, I'm sick." 🤷‍♀️  A white lie to match your white FLOR — good thing their durable and easy to clean! 



Beautiful, functional carpet tiles that hold up on race day—and every day in between. Get more zoom from your floor. 💨



Ruff day? 🐾 We’ve all been there. Name a better way to unwind at home than by laying on the FLOR with your four-legged best friend...we’ll wait! 

Paid Ad Extension

With paid ads, we want to keep the same brand story and voice. This must be cohesive with their social platforms and well as the story they tell on their website.

Our Strategy

The key to a successful ad is to capture attention. We don't want to leave anything to chance, so we will be overlaying text with any video content.

We want to be able to test both video and static ads. The static ad strategy is to capture heartfelt moments, instead of life's mishaps.

Social Video Static Samples


When your outfit is this fabulous, your home decor should be, too. Embrace your space—your way—with the customizable styles and modern designs of carpet tiles from FLOR.


Spills happen. Our durable, easy-to-clean carpet tiles and rugs were made for life’s little messes (and big ones, too). 



Make the most of life’s precious memories with rugs and carpet tiles that are made to last.