Beats x Woodstock

MKTG Generate Competition Winner

Art Direction, Strategy, Design

Michelle Lung | Laura Zarate | Katia Espinosa


In 24 hours, create a campaign that incorporates Beats innovation, creativity and cultural connections to make Woodstock's 50th Anniversary the festival of today's generation.


This campaign brings music, festival goers and current global issues into the same environment. We branded music as an escape to daily stresses and problems using Beats as a sponsor.



Phase I.

Woodstock Pop-up Party


Launch pop-up parties in 3 major turmoil cities. The dome shaped events will be sound-proof to enforce the idea of leaving your problems in the outside world and connecting cultures through music.

Woodstock Festival is known for unity and peace. To enforce this idea, there will be a quote at the ceiling that reads:

"Generation to generation the world may change, but Woodstock stays the same."

The ticket in is to write your biggest problem with the world on a slip of paper.

This sound-proof pop up club promoting Woodstock Festival is a representation of coming together through music. The sound proof aspect pushes the idea of leaving your problems in the outside world.

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 8.11.10 PM.png

Phase II.

Woodstock Festival

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 8.33.03 PM.png

On the days of the festival there will be a performance art installation of two cubes. On each face of the cube there will be a different artists from different cities creating a mural representing their city's biggest problem

While they are creating a mural, they will also be wearing sound-proof beats headphones to tie in the idea of leaving the world on the outside.

Apply charging technology in the dance floor.

Set confetti cannons to release the paper slips from the pre-party when the dance floor has charged to 100%. Energy meters along the walls will prompt audience to dance more.


Campaign Moodboard