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BRAVO Membership


Increase Bravo's membership by targeting like-minded professionals while emphasizing networking opportunities and social interactions


Restructure their entire strategy (Plus One Campaign) instead of adding on to something that is already not working. Adding a comical twist to engage a younger audience.


Phase I.

Pre-party Trail Run

This is a highly visible mixer held on the green at Colony Square. This is created to give participants a preview of a BRAVO networking event to help them decide if they're going to join.

How do you get a ticket?

It all starts with the signature drinks.

Phase II.

Drink Ticket Launch Map

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 8.21.51 PM.png

Drink Locations

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 8.22.01 PM.png

Event Locations

Phase II.

ASO Specialty Drinks

By creating specialty cocktails and partnering with local establishments, we will heighten interest in BRAVO amongst bar-goers and their friends. This also serves as a ticket to the pre-party.

1. Buy the drink with friends

2. Post on social media stories tagging ASOBravo

3. Follow ASOBravo on Instagram

4. Receive a direct message with ticket link



He's dry as vermouth with a woody finish. Pick him up at your local bar, snap a pic, tag us and have a second date at our young professionals networking event!



The only g-string your partner won't wind you staring at... only at the ASO! Grab your partner, grab this drink, post on your story tagging us and you're in for free tickets to the networking show! 



Friends don't let friends miss out!

Bring them to Little Trouble in West Midtown this weekend and try our new signature drink! Tag us in any of your stories and get a free ticket to our networking event!

Phase III.

Plus One Campaign

Bring a friend to performances or parties for $20 and if they decided to join; they will pay $80 to complete membership. They will receive both VIP meet and greet with with their favorite artist of the season. If the member's friend joins late in the year their credits will roll over to the next year.

1. Bring any friend to a Bravo event for $20

2. Buying membership will cost $80

3. Flexible membership options (rollover)