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I began at Resupply as an intern helping with social media. When I joined the team, I realized this on the rise startup needed a lot of help. I created a brand manual and began pulling their social media posts into campaigns and managed a team of designers and videographers. Take a look at what we achieved!

Campaign I.


Infographics & Statistics

In this generation, there is an abundance of empathy towards the environment and well being of others. This campaign targets empathy pain points to raise awareness of current situations. 

Statistical Conversion

Blending in with the infographics are the static conversion. This campaign converts different amounts of recyclable goods into life prosperity. This was created to show the benefits of donating.

Campaign II.

Giving Back


"When Giving Gives Back" launched in December. The solution was to give a cash donation for every donation picked up. Animation was added for specifically these campaign posts.

Campaign Launch .gif

Promo 1 Example

Because this promotion would be brought back every holiday, it begins targeting Giving Season and tying in donation.

Campaign Promo .gif

Promo 2 Example

These style promotions will compare donations during the holidays from the year before in hope of annual increase in giving back.

Campaign Promo .gif


Simple animation running through the app and process. Televised in news interview. 

Print Ads

Door Hanger


Pass Out Cards


Adroll Resize Ads