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I believe introductions are in order. I'll go first! Hi, I'm Michelle Lung. (Hiiiii Michelle)  I am an Art Director based in Atlanta, GA. My story's a long one so let's split it up by time period.


This was period of time for growth and discovery. I spent my weekends attending a SACS CASI accredited arts academy. Here is where I was able to hone my skills in not only in fine arts but I also was able to get comfortable with the Adobe Suite. Through this opportunity I was able to win multiple awards such as:

  1. 3rd Place in state for Visual Art— "Magic of a Moment" Reflections
  2. 1st Place for Visual Art, 2nd Place for Film and 2nd place for Photography at state level— "Diversity Means..." Reflections
  3. Finalist for Peace Pals International
  4. 1st place for the All State Art Symposium— Featured in KSU fine arts gallery & Atlanta High Museum of Art


The SCAD years. After honing my skills as a graphic designer from 2010-2014, I decided to apply this experience into something new. I studied at SCAD and gained my Advertising degree with a focus in Art Direction. Walking out of school, I had a full understanding of how to apply graphic design to brands, what it takes to create something unique, and most importantly, how to storytell. Through this experience I was able to accomplish these things:

  1. Win 1st place in the SCAD Advertising department for a 24-hour campaign turn around for Beats by Dre hosted by MKTG
  2. Work part-time as a graphic designer for a print and branding agency
  3. Become the Art Director of a mobile charity application startup


When I graduated SCAD, I was once again on the hunt to improve my skillset. Knowing how important digial experiences are, I joined Marketwake, a digital marketing agency focused on online experiences and full picture marketing. Through applying my previous skills, knowledge, and experience, I was able to move from intern to art director within the span of 3 years. With this experience I was able to expand my knowledge base into these things:

  1. The importance of SEO and how to maximize it's utilization
  2. Paid Ads and the life cycle from click to conversion
  3. How to design and build a website from start to finish
  4. Team management and the importance of vulnerability
  5. How to create a wholistic branding project from logo to web to paid ads to social


Michelle Lung

Art Director

Personality Type: 🤓 INTP

Passion: 🚀 Space Travel

Favorite Food: 🦪 Oysters

Secret Talent: 🎹 Piano

What people are saying


Michelle is gifted, and she is rare. Any organization would be lucky to have Michelle onboard and I welcome the opportunity to speak directly to any future customer or employer in need of a reference of Michelle. She has my highest possible endorsement.





Michelle is a dynamic force. From her inimitable designs to her strategic reasonings, she has time and time again impressed clients and produced effective deliverables. I undoubtably trust her to go above and beyond every time.





Working with Michelle is so intuitive you'll think she has a mainline to your brain. She is brilliant in UI/UX, always asks the right questions, and truly creates seamless, gorgeous functionality that convinces you you'll never again want to work with anyone else.